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David Grosz, President
Sara Davidson, Assistant Editor
Ashley Levine, Archivist/Digital Resource Manager
Ariela Alberts, Media/Research Associate and Artist Liaison

Tiffany Bell, Contributing Editor
Carina Evangelista, Contributing Editor

Chuck Close Catalogue Raisonné
Carina Evangelista, Editor |

Jim Dine Catalogue Raisonné
Sara Davidson, Editor |

Tim Hawkinson Catalogue Raisonné
Hannah Barton, Editor |

Robert Irwin Catalogue Raisonné
Marianne Stockebrand, Editor |

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings Catalogue Raisonné
Lindsay Aveilhé, Editor |
Christopher Vacchio, Director of Research |
Christine Lee, Research Assistant |

Agnes Martin Catalogue Raisonné
Tiffany Bell, Editor |
Marley Lewis, Research Associate |

Lucas Samaras Boxes Catalogue Raisonné
Hannah Barton, Editor |
Vanessa Wildenstein, Consulting Editor

James Siena Catalogue Raisonné
Ariela Alberts, Editor |

Lee Ufan Catalogue Raisonné
David Grosz, Editorial Director |
Christine Lee, Director of Research |

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