James Siena

James Siena

James Siena’s catalogue raisonné is the definitive record of all works created by the artist dating back to 1989, the year that he began to paint almost exclusively on metal, a decision that has defined his painting practice ever since. Also included is an extensive selection of early works dating from 1977 to 1988.

James Siena (b. 1957) is actively creating new work, and the catalogue raisonné will expand as his oeuvre grows. To date, the catalogue contains records of more than 430 artworks, 400 publications, and 275 exhibitions. There are approximately 900 high-resolution images, hundreds of which have never been published before, and recently unearthed audio and video content can be found in a multimedia archive. Siena’s voice is found throughout the catalogue in excerpts of interviews and, notably, in comments that he has written exclusively for this publication.

The first volume of the catalogue raisonné, published in February 2017, includes the artist’s paintings, sculptures, and gouache works. A volume of the artist’s drawings will follow.

Current and past owners of James Siena works are encouraged to contact Editor Ariela Alberts at aalberts@artifexpress.com.

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